Money-back guarantee

Our main goal is to always help and satisfy our dear customers in all possible ways. To make this happen, all our services are provided in the absolute best quality. However, sometime rare cases may appear, things may go towards the unexpected and unpleasant situation. For those times, Essay-Company has a money-back guarantee policy with some characteristics. If your issue fits any of the following conditions, you can request a full or partial refund depending on the case.
Please keep in mind that the customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. Thus, any refund request case can be avoided easily by providing accurate and specific instructions when placing an order. Most of the refund cases happen because of some misunderstanding, poor communication, and poor or general instructions.
Our company issues a 100% full refund for the following cases:

  • If we received payment twice from you for the same order (a bank statement with both transactions would accelerate the process)
  • If you placed two identical orders or more and paid for all of them
  • If no writer has been assigned
  • If you requested cancellation for an order before a writer has been assigned to your task (customers get notified with the state of their order)

Other individual cases may require deeper investigation by our dispute management department. Once you submit a refund request, one of our dispute managers will get in back to you within 24 hours on any business day to assist you and solve the issue.
Some of the cases which fall under the “require investigation” category are listed below:

    1. If the paper was approved by the customer one time at least (in case of many revisions), the customer permitted to claim up to 50% partial refund.

Accept Order: the customer receives a pdf file with the preview version of the papers. By clicking “accept order,” the customer gains the copyrights to use the papers as his or her property. This also mean that we have delivered papers which fulfilled the customer’s requirements successfully.

    1. If the customer requests a refund because of “Professor disapproved the paper” reason. To follow up with the investigation, we would require feedback from the customer’s professor with highlighted sections of what is not written correctly and which requirements were not followed to be able to claim a sustainable refund.

How to get the feedback? – all students have the right to ask their professors/teachers for an explanation on what exactly was done wrong/ which requirements have not been met in the paper.. etc. (Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities)

    1. In case the order was submitted after the deadline, we will pay for the delivery time difference. The sum is estimated by the result of the investigation, which is led by our dispute management department. The refund sum calculation is determined by the service price which the customer paid for the original deadline).

Those cases are rarely happening on our website, and when it happens, it is usually because of the poor communication between the client and the support/writer. For example, if the instructions are not specified, the writer cannot start writing without clarifying with the client, but the client is out of reach by phone or messages).
The company has the right to consider the time the writer/support waited for the customer’s reply during the investigation regarding delivery time difference.
Please mind that: for Urgent orders with tight deadlines, we may count all the time the writer/support waited for the customer’s reply in minutes.

    1. Any refund request related to urgent category assignments (tight deadline) is investigated by the dispute management department.

The non-responsiveness of the client has an an impact and may be considered in the investigation as it may affect the quality of the resulted paper.

    1. Suppose the request for refund is because of plagiarism. Definition of Plagiarism is copying or stealing someone else’s work and use it as your own without mentioning the real author who totally prohibited in our company.

If the reason for request the refund is plagiarism, then we expect the client to provide us with the report. Please mind that the references may be highlighted as plagiarism but obviously, they are not. (our writers follow the instructions so the number of references used to write the paper should be similar to the number of references specified by the client)

    1. If the customer failed to obtain the grade required. We provide high quality, not grade! If you want to have an “A” on your paper and expect us to do this, unfortunately, we cannot do that. We do our best to provide you with the highest quality essays you can get with no grammar mistakes and perfect structure, but we certainly cannot guarantee an “A” as it depends completely on the student’s overall performance during the semester and many other factors that we cannot control.
    2. If the customer cancelled order after it has been assigned to some writer, we reserve the rights to provide our customer with a partial refund, which is based on the percentage of already completed work. Dispute management team estimates the partial refund valid, taking into account the work already done by the writer on this specific task.

Also note: such cases are easy and simple to avoid. Whenever you request a refund, you should receive an email from our dispute management department to your both personal email and your account

  1. If the customer cancelled order after it has been assigned to some writer, we reserve the rights to provide our customer with a partial refund, which is based on the percentage of already completed work. Dispute management team estimates the partial refund valid, taking into account the work already done by the writer on this specific task.
  2. Once the investigation is done, and the dispute management department accepts the requested refund. The refunded amount should reach the customer’s bank account within 3-5 working days after the approvement been issued. We cannot really be more specific about the duration because it depends on the services of the customer’s bank.


Essay-Company obtains the right to do 1 revision before the end of the original deadline the customer chose.

    1. As we want to keep our customers happy and hoping to develop long term cooperation, we make sure to always provide the best and only the best. We suppose that you as a customer, would not pay for a deadline which is not suitable for you and give you the time to meet all the requirements of the institution. Thus, if one of our writers delivered our paper earlier than the initial deadline you chose (i.e he delivered the paper in 2 days and the initial deadline is 5 days), then we may revise the paper and the initial 5 days deadline you chose. Of course, we will mind the comment you left on which instructions were not followed.

Please keep in mind: if a revision request appears to have new instructions which require more than just simple edits and modifications, there will be some extra fees in all of the cases. The required extra fee is estimated by the support team. With that being said, any refund request for an order has commented on instructions and a revision which was not paid for. Our company has the right to decline that refund request.

    1. If the client for any reason decided to change the initial deadline at any step while the order is being written, an extra fee is added in all cases. Please also note that it is impossible to change any urgent order deadline, those orders of 3-8-24 hours deadline.

When our dispute management team is investigating those cases, the factor of changing the deadline is considered. In those cases, when the deadline is shortened, it affects the work of the writer, definitely, which may affect the quality of the resulted paper. Thus, the value of the refund, if it is accepted by our dispute management department, maybe less than those cases with no changes in the deadline.
As we mentioned in the beginning, we value our customers the most and aim to keep them satisfied. For your comfort, you may contact our support team via live chat or phone and ask them anything you want. Our dispute process is quick and easy, so you do not need to worry about anything. The only question we may ask you to share with us the reason for your refund request. Maybe we can offer you a more convenient solution or at least to know what we may improve.

Thank you for using our services