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Cheap Essay Writing Service: How to not Overpay for a Quality Online Essay Help

Getting too much homework can make even the most exciting subject a bit off-putting regardless of whether you study online or offline, and the US students know it like no one else. Add to the explosive mix of projects and papers some part-time job, extracurricular activity, social life, volunteering, or starting your first business – and you’ll get a student who will choose either or.
The good news? You don’t have to choose any side as you can be actively engaged in the learning process without leaving out your personal life. How? By opting for a reliable essay writing service to provide the custom essay help on-demand from top writers with degrees and expertise in their fields.

How to Choose a Reliable Writing Service for Your Papers?

The market is booming when it comes to writing offers. However, if you want your paper to be written by a professional writer who has hundreds of pages of experience, you need to look carefully. We’ve collected a few ground rules to check if your chosen agency can deliver a paper to earn a high grade.

  • It has reviews. Not only positive ones. Feedback and reviews are an essential part of every company on the web, and essay writing service isn’t an exception. See if your chosen agency has a buzz around and read the reviews carefully – if it has a stellar review without a single unsatisfactory one, it might be a red flag.
  • It offers a variety of levels. Let’s say, a Ph.D. dissertation is different from a Macroeconomics 101 assignment, which means they require writers with different experiences to do the job.
  • It has a Money-Back policy. Which is, basically, your insurance that you can demand your payment back if the paper didn’t follow your instructions. However, we suggest you read carefully their Money-Back policies.
  • You can choose the writer yourself. This is part of good service, part of how it should be. By allowing you to choose what writer you want to hire, the company empowers you to make your decision based on the information about the writer, their reviews, etc.
  • It doesn’t charge you immediately. No upfront payment is needed for the agency that is confident in the work it does.
  • It offers you discounts and loyalty rewards. You know it’s a marketing thing, but if you can use it to your advantage (like paying 5-15% less per paper), why not do it?
  • It promises you to get a certain grade with this paper. We don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s not paper only that influences the grade you may receive. It’s also your activity and involvement during the class, successful homework completion, tests, etc. if the agency promises that you will earn a high grade for the course with their paper – it lies to your face and has no idea how the grade is formed.

The better part? It won’t cost you a fortune. See how you can maintain a healthy school-life balance with Essay-Company.

Who Is Our Online Essay Writing Service For?

We provide writing services for students that are enrolled in any school program, pursue a degree in any field, and require professional writing experts to help with various college papers. It can be a research paper, any type of essay (descriptive, comparative, analytical, creative, etc.), case study, biography, speech, presentations, and everything that falls under ‘written assignment’.

Reasons Why You Might Need Essay Help Online From Us:

    • You won’t be able to do it yourself within the given deadline
    • You’ve got too much work to do
    • The subject isn’t your major, so you’d rather spend time working on something major-related
    • You don’t understand the task and have no time for figuring it out
    • You decided to try a professional essay writing service on some small paper to see if you can trust this company with something more important in the future
    • You are worried about the level of written English (especially if you’re an international student)
    • You are overwhelmed with work and wish somebody could write that paper for you.

If you can relate to any of the mentioned, that means you need to know how our service works. So, let’s figure it out!

How Does Essay-Company.Org Work?

In a simplified step-by-step version, it looks like this:

    • You get the assignment from your professor with guidelines
    • Then place the order on our website and upload the materials you were given by the professor
    • You receive your paper within the deadline; we get paid for work
    • Everyone’s happy and looks forward to the next cooperation.

Now, let’s see the details of receiving a college essay writing service one stage at a time.

Gathering Materials

When a professor gives you an assignment, he/she usually gives the guidelines of what is expected to be turned in. Some professors insist on using the class materials, others give you carte blanche or provide the list of recommended literature/texts for you to build your paper on.
Trust us, no reputable essay writing help service will leave this part undiscussed, and we are a reputable agency. We encourage you to gather every material needed before placing the order because of two reasons. First, it will make your paper look like it’s you who have written it (as it will contain the information that you’ve discussed in the class). Second, it can make the writing process quicker, and you will receive a finished paper sooner.

Placing the Order

You can create an order as a guest user or frequent user. Creating an account might be your preferred option because in this way you won’t need to fill in all the information again when making another order, and this will be a safe place to store your papers and retrieve them whenever you might need.
Whichever way you find most convenient for you, there are a few things we need you to provide for us to start on your paper ASAP.

  • Type of the project (essay, case study, creative fiction, etc)
  • Topic as it appears in the requirements
  • Number of pages
  • Format
  • Bibliography
  • Needed references
  • Extras (charts, graphs, polls, etc.)
  • Deadline
  • Level (this will help you to decide which writer you’d like to hire for the job)
  • Materials that will help us to write a paper as if you were working on it (class handouts, case briefs, textbooks, etc.)

At this point, you will also need to indicate the preferred payment method and provide the card/account details.
You won’t be charged just yet. The estimated amount will be placed ‘on hold’ until you approve the paper. It is important to remember that you may use the details of the card or account that has a sufficient balance on it to cover the estimated price.

Receive Your Paper

Deadlines are important everywhere, but when you provide essay writing help online, it might be crucial for someone’s grade and even a diploma. This is why we take the responsibility to deliver a high-quality product within a certain time either to your email or user account. Then you have a grace period for reading the paper, ask the writer questions or clarification, or request a revision. If needed, you may contact our Customer Support team and inquire about anything related to the order.

The Next Step

As our valuable customer, we’d like you to share your experience of using our custom essay writing service. It will let us know what we do great and where we need to work harder. Plus, it will help other students to choose the right service for their needs.
What else?
Leave a review and rate the writer who did the paper. We know, it’s a bit a lot to ask, but we’d appreciate it.
What’s our next step?
We’ll reward your loyalty with discounts for future orders, and will hire new writers for you to choose among the best ones.
Speaking of our creators, we’d like to share a few things about our team.

Our Writers: Who Are They and Why Is It Important?

It’s not enough to know English to provide professional college essay writing help for the students. Why? Because you also need to know about the peculiarities of the writing assignments in a particular country, college, or discipline. The writers who studied in the American colleges know about the educational industry in-depth and can use this expertise to the customer’s advantage.
This is the reason why we hire writers who hold Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees and are native speakers of English. While our staff is diverse in terms of subjects and fields of expertise, we’re united in our desire to provide the best assistance when it comes to any written text and maintain a high standard of service culture.

You Can Choose a Writer for Your Task. How?

Yes, it’s not us who will assign a writer to complete your paper. We have this option so you can choose a professional based on his/her expertise, reviews, number of completed papers, and levels that they cover.
Plus, you can chat with the writer before placing the order, which is an additional perk because you can explain everything they need to know before taking the order.

How We Care About User Experience

Requesting essay help online can be as easy as one-two-three or frustrating for the students. From our website, you’ve realized we chose the first option as we don’t want to add unnecessary stress to your life. The website’s simple and intuitive interface contains all the information you might need neatly organized in the blocks. You can easily look up anything in the search bar, find how to contact our support agents if needed, make secure transactions, uploads, and downloads.

    • Security

We don’t trade the information we gather from our clients, which means we don’t let any unauthorized party a chance to interfere in the collaboration. All the payment transactions are securely encrypted, and we use a verification system to make sure it’s you who access your account.

    • Privacy Policy

Privacy is not a luxury but a necessity for everyone who uses virtual services these days, and we take it seriously. We care that the shared data and information remain confidential. Should you wish to not disclose your real name while placing the order or chatting with the writer, you may do so. You don’t have to leave your legal name on any document you share with us (but don’t forget to add it to the title page!).

    • 100% Confidential

Every ex-student knows that sometimes the learning process is way too difficult, and there are days when you may refer to college essay help without anyone knowing about it. We can guarantee on our end that we keep it as a top trade secret because we care about our reputation and we promised you to deliver a high-quality product discreetly.

Being overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines won’t boost your productivity and learning capacity, which is why you need to prioritize and deal with what is indeed important for your future career. For everything else, there is our writing service.
So, don’t hesitate!
Enjoy the perks of being a student while we’ll cover the less pleasant part for you!

5 Steps to Get Your Paper Done

This is what you need to do to have your paper written for you by Essay-Company.Org.

  • Create an account/Sign In.
  • Fill out the Instruction form stating the subject of the paper, its topic, type, length, your academic level, expected delivery time (deadline), format, additional materials and appendices, etc. If you have any materials from your professor (such as guidelines, college paper requirements, mandatory materials to be used, etc.), you may attach to your form as well. It will be a great thing if you can attach an example of your writing (if you have) for our writers to recreate a similar style and make it as authentic to you as possible. Tip: request a paper at least a few days before your professor’s deadline. It will give you a time advantage if you need to add something to the paper.
  • Fill out the payment detail form by using the preferred banking option. Important! The funds won’t be transferred immediately – they will be put on hold and will move to our bank account only after you confirm receiving the services. You can use either 2CheckOut and PayPal for that.
  • Select the Writer. This will be a professional who will provide the custom essay help for you. Tip: if you need a high-school level paper, it’s better to assign a writer who works with these types of papers. In this way, you will save money and won’t have a suspiciously great essay as for a high-school student. However, if you need a Master’s dissertation or project, assign a writer who deals with that level and is profoundly experienced with it.
  • Receive your paper. On-time, flawless, written according to your instructions. Read it and confirm your satisfaction with the paper, so the writer receives the money he/she deserves.

Advantages of Using Our Services

There are many competitors in the market, so what makes us stand out from the crowd?

    • Payment and Security

We provide the services for the people who value security and privacy at every step of the cooperation. This is why we work with PayPal and 2CheckOut to make sure your financial transactions are safe, and no third party has access to your bank account information. Plus, your using our services is always confidential and is strictly between us.

    • 10+ Years of Experience

And this gives us a significant advantage over the competitors as we’ve evolved, improved, and expanded to deliver the best quality within a short time. The reviews from our clients on our website and beyond is proof that our online essay writing service is valuable and reputable.

    • Fast and Strict to Deadlines

Our principle is to deliver the paper ASAP even if it is before the deadline. This will give you more time to read the paper, leave comments, or request a revision/change if needed. What you won’t see from us is delivering the paper later than the deadline indicated because as former students, we know how stressful it might be, and how important meeting the deadline is.

    • We Follow the Instruction, No Bike Invention

You upload instruction for a reason, and this means we’ll use them as guidelines for writing the paper you need. We’re not shy to contact you and clarify if anything is needed, so rest assured there won’t be any improvisation or spontaneity from our side.

    • Free Formatting, Revisions, Title Page, and Outline

Some professors are strict with the way the paper is formatted. This is why we pay close attention to the required format – and do it for free! You’ll also have an unlimited number of revisions, a title page, and an outline at no extra cost.

    • 24/7 Client Care

Things happen, and you might need to change something in the instructions at 3:40 AM while sunbathing in the Bahamas. It’s no problem at all! Simply call/drop a line/chat online with our support agent and we’re happy to assist you with anything all day, all night, regardless of the time zone.

We also highly recommend visiting the proven Essay Writing Service of our friends.


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  • How can I be sure you provide a high-quality essay writing service?
    You can read about our service from our customers, check the information on the web, contact our Customer Support, and ask them about everything you want to know that will help you with a decision. And you also can try our services to see if everything is exactly how you expected it to be.
  • Are essay writing services legit?
    That’s a good ethical question, and it’s the same as if asking ‘Is a professor’s help in writing the paper legal?’. You’re free to ask your professor about anything on your paper, so what is wrong with seeking assistance elsewhere? No educational system is perfect, and we are still supposed to study something that doesn’t have anything to do with our future career. So if you prioritize and focus on what’s important while delegating a minor thing to someone else, is it an illegal thing? No. plus, no educational establishment forbids seeking help elsewhere.
  • Is essay writing service considered as cheating?
    It’s not cheating if you know the subject but struggle with expressing your thoughts in written form. We are never for blind order placing without any idea what the subject is about, and that’s why we recommend you to learn everything you can to be able to explain every concept from your paper to a professor if needed. In this way, college essay writing help is just helping.
  • Is Essay-Company illegal?
    We provide transparent services for the customers, pay taxes, care about the information processing - and all that is within the law. So are our services illegal? No.
  • What is my next step after I received a paper from you?
    After you’ve received a notification on your email, we recommend you to read the paper as soon as you can. If everything is great and you are completely satisfied with the work, you confirm it, and it automatically releases the on-hold money. If you think there is something to be corrected, added, or changed, you need to contact our representative immediately, and they will be happy to assist you. We will also appreciate your feedback on the quality of services you’ve received in the form of a review of our writer and services.
  • I found cheaper writing help online. Why should I use yours?
    Many agencies offer similar services on the market, some of them are crazy cheap, some are pricey. We are in no right to make you choose ours, although our price range is formed based on the technology we use to secure any information/finance transaction, assure the quality of our personnel, regular qualification training events, and all other things that help us maintain the high-quality service and become better in it every day.
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