How can I place the order?
What should I indicate when requesting a paper?
Do I need to pay upfront?
How can I pay?
When is the soonest I can get my paper?
What is the minimum deadline for you to finish the order?
Can I choose a writer?
Can I text/ email the writer directly?
What formats do you work with?
I need to upload extra material to my order. How can I do it?
I can’t place the order. What’s the problem?
What affects the price of my order?
How can I be sure of the quality?
How can I be sure nobody will know that I used your services?
Do I have to mention my legal name when placing the order?
What if you update your policies?
Is there a way that my professor will find out I used external help for the assignment?
Can I use somebody else’s card to pay for your services?
What currency do you take?
I don’t like the paper. Can you rewrite it?
How many times can you revision it?
Can you revise my paper after I approved it?
Can I request another writer to revise the paper?
Is the revision free of charge?
Who ensures the authenticity of the paper?
Can I get a refund if the text is copied?
Do I need to run an independent plagiarism check after I approve the text?
Does plagiarism check cost any extra money?
What cases are refundable?
I didn’t get the grade I hoped for. How can I get a refund?
How can I get a refund?
How long should I wait to get my money back?