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There are many online writing services ready to help you with any tasks you’ve brought home. Why should you order the paper from EssayWritingHelp though? Because we’ve headhunted the best experts in the field of academic writing, checked what our competitors lacked from their clients’ reviews, and created the all-around writing service for any student. And below you can read how it worked out from our customers.


(NJ, USA, Admission Essay)

Good grades aren’t enough to get into the college - you also need to send the commission kind of a ‘pitch’ letter. And I was like never good at writing. I ordered an admission essay from Essay-Company.Org and - voila - I’m a student at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Big thanks!


(London, UK, Argumentative essay)

Didn’t have any issues Essay-Company.Org. I placed the order 10 hours before the deadline and it was emailed to me 5 hours after. Definitely will recommend this speedy help to those who are busy with more practical work.


(Canada, CV)

I just sent them my information and they created me a great resume! And i didn’t have the experience of managing but they mentioned volunteering and working for non-profit summer schools - with my diploma, it was enough for me to get the job.


(CA, USA, Creative Writing)

Feel like im gonna pay them money every time I get the assignment. Dope cheap service


(Abu Dhabi, UAE, Book Review)

My English isn’t good enough so I couldn’t read the whole book to write anything. They did a great review and I got A from my teacher. Thank you so much!


(NYC, USA, Presentation)

My laptop crashed the night before the deadline so I just ordered a presentation from my phone. It was the last resort and I never ask anyone to write anything for me but that was a necessity. Thanks for helping me out!


(Mexico City, Mexico, Custom writing)

Two other services I contacted refused to write my task as it wasn’t in their list of services. I had to conduct a social survey and develop a case study that would prove my theory that poverty and domestic violence more often go hand in hand. Essay-Company helped me to put that in a ‘human’ language. Thanks!


(Paris, France, Term Paper)

Very professional approach! I get what I paid for and it helped me to improve my general score so I didn’t worry about the exam too much. And they did a free outline too.


(Madrid, Spain, Case Study)

I love management but hate writing, and our professor was so strict about the writing part! Thank you, Essay-Company! You did a great job here and I know where to seek emergency help now. Highly recommend these guys! Say hello to Annie.


(Moscow, Russia, Editing)

I applied for the educational grant and wanted someone to look through my research proposal. I ordered the editing service from these guys and was surprised since they offered me to add one more block to it. And you know what? That was a great idea! So I got more for less.


(Canberra, Australia, Dissertation chapter)

Being a mom and being a student at the same time is double tough - you literally have no time! Thanks to Essay-Company.Org for starting my dissertation so I was able to show that I’m working on it.


(Berlin, Germany, Coursework)

I couldn’t finish my started work on time as my company flew me to negotiate a deal with our Japanese clients. Nick (my writer) finished what I started and I met the deadline for the work. Danke!


(Austria, Essay writing)

If you’re looking for quality and super-fast delivery - that’s to Essay-Company.Org. No issues with my revision request and they charged me a little for adding one more paragraph. Now it’s my go-to writing service!


(Ankara, Turkey, Resume)

Good service, cheap prices, no problem with talking directly with my writer. I just paid for a 2-page resume, and started applying for work in Turkey and abroad. Now I work at an American company in my native country.


(Kuwait, Term paper)

This service is very simple. I attached the guidelines and mentioned the title of the paper I need. Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload the course materials but it wasn’t a problem. They did a good job anyway.

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